They Don’t Pay? We Won’t Pay!

Northern Broadsides, 2018

"Fast, furious, farcical! The working class fight back in this classic comedy reimagined for Brexit Britain.” Adapted by Debbie McAndrew.

Lisa plays Anthea, the over-imaginative, recently redundant housewife trying to make ends meet amid rising bills and food prices.

"Howard’s resolute Anthea breaks down theatre’s fourth wall amusingly to speak directly with the audience, bringing us into the story. York Press

"The actors clearly relish gags physical and verbal, with plentiful opportunities for audience engagement." The Guardian

"Lisa Howard quickly establishes empathy for her character of Anthea, a “just about managing” wife who certainly manages her husband Jack" Culture Vulture

"Anthea is played by the outstanding Lisa Howard who’s character is a real northern lass struggling to cope with unemployed life on the poverty line. All of her bills are overdue, but Anthea isn’t short of imagination. Her steely and determined character is the driving force of the plot." At The Theatre

Main photo They Don’t Pay? We Won’t Pay!, 2018. Photographer Nobby Clark