Blackeyed Theatre, 2010

By Bill Naughton. Directed by Adrian McDougall
Alfie combines great comedy, superb performances and live 60s music.

"...the play's notorious abortion scene is still troubling, even shocking, played out starkly by Elks and Lisa Howard to maximum effect in Adrian McDougall's upfront production. Howard stands out in a sextet of diverse cameos and her singing is a further plus."
Charles Hutchison, York Press, 20th Feb 2010.

"There are pleasing touches...Lisa Howard's post-interval tea-lady doing a bit of stand-up to fill in when Alfie's late back ; 'It's amazing what you can get upto in 15 minutes."
Josie Balfour, Brunton Theatre, 15th March 2010.

"Gabrielle Meadows and Lisa Howard shine as Alfie’s merry-go-round of conquests (nine roles altogether!) imbuing every one of them with individual personality and vigour that, unfortunately, our free-living ‘Don Juan’ utterly fails to notice."
Eastwood Park Theatre, 12th March 2010.

"Gabrielle meadows and Lisa Howard were outstanding, creating a brilliantly delineated cast of Alfie's women...
Lisa Howard's once-a-week Siddie and Ruby, 'a lust box in beautiful condition' who finally delivers Alfie's comeuppence were both remarkable."
Hereford Times, 5th Feb 2010.

"Lisa Howard's performance as Lily, a woman undergoing an illegal abortion is breathtaking."
James George, Portsmouth Today, 26th Jan 2010.

Lisa Howard and Ben Harrison perform 'Everyday' live on BBC Radio Tees to promote the production 'Alfie'.

Main photo Alfie, 2010, Photographer George Riddell