Lisa has recorded plays for BBC Radio 3 and 4.

Lisa has the capability to record herself in a soundproof home studio using a t.Bone SC 450 condenser mic and a Steinberg UR22 Mkll audio interface.

Lisa reads The Woman in Wallace Heim's spoken word piece about the relationship between the military, the local people and the sea on the Solway Firth.

*The Woman starts at 8 minutes 35 seconds

Five writers, five plays, 15 minutes each. Slung Low's 15 Minutes Live is recorded live in front of an audience with a live band.

Performed by John Carter, Chris Price, Ruth Middleton, Lisa Howard, Patrick Young, Stuart Richman, Frances Macnamee, Alex Kelly and John Hunter.

Performed by Alex Kelly and Lisa Howard.

By Mark Hollander Performed by Louis Hollander, Chris Price, Frances Macnamee, Ruth Middleton, Stuart Richman, Lisa Howard and John Carter.

Performed by Frances Macnamee, Lisa Howard, John Carter and Chris Price.