Jason and the Argonauts

The Dukes Theatre, 2010

By Kevin Dyer. Directed by Joe Sumsion
Williamson Park Outdoor Promenade Theatre 2009.

"Lisa Howard gives Medea a mature understanding and her near-desertion could be the start of a new drama."
Reviews Gate, 4th July 2009.

"...Lisa Howard portrays the complexities of Kind Aeetes' daughter, who ultimately falls under Jason's spell - or should that be the other way round?"
Lancaster Guardian, 19th July 2009.

"Experienced 'walkabout' hand Lisa Howard brings more than a touch of Northern Broadsides to her Medea and like the rest of the multi-tasking cast, benefits greatly from Dyer's commanding use of dialogue and dialect."
The Stage, 9th July 2009.

Main photo Jason and the Argonauts 2009. Photographer Bernard Gladstone